Six Cowards.

Why six?  Where the hell are the other three?

Damned if we know.  You figure it out.  

Six Cowards is a power trio playing the best of recent alternative and indie rock.  In the age of the internet, file sharing and social media, the best new music isn't coming through the traditional gatekeepers in record companies and radio stations, but through live performances, local audiences, online sharing networks and word of mouth. The three of us came together because we think the best music in the world is still being written and we don't want to linger in nostalgia.  We're out to connect the passion of fresh music and live performance to local audiences, the way it ought to be. 

Because sometimes, you get tired of being scared of new things.  


Jonathan Couser (Jonny C.)

Bass, vocals, keys

Jonny took up bass just eight years ago, driven by a combined urge to follow the funky rhythms of James Brown's bassists and the prog melodies of Yes' Chris Squire and Rush's Geddy Lee. Diving into the changing music world, he discovered the passion and innovation of new bands like Cold War Kids and the Arctic Monkeys, which he brings to Six Cowards. Before forming this group, Jonny played extensively around the region with classic rock trio the Fuzzboxx, as well as with less active bands like Switchblade Beat, Longhand, and Fallen Houses. By day he teaches history at Plymouth State and once appeared on Jeopardy!, where he took a severe intellectual beating.


Josh Flanagan

Guitar, vocals

Josh Flanagan has done a lot of things in his life, and none of them include being a surly sea captain or any form of cartage. But one thing he has done, is play guitar for most of his life, developing a deep and specific love of several (but not all) types of music. He’s got a penchant for fast and loud, but really good supplants all of that. He knows a little about a lot of things, and a lot about some things. By day, he works in book printing, and the comic book industry, as well being a regular old run of the mill husband, father, and aging hipster punk. But playing music might be the thing he loves best. Even if no one ever lets him play loud enough.


Chase Markey


Chase Markey is the 46th and 78th drummer to join Six Cowards. He's been drumming for more years that he looks like he's been alive, and really likes drummers named Chad (like Chad Smith from RHCP and Chad Gracey from Live), and rock music from the 90s and 2000s. He's a bog standard nerd, who likes gaming, and fantasy novels. Seriously, ask him about multi-sided dice, and then back away quickly. He studied both engineering and philosophy which he admits doesn't make any sense. But mostly, he provides a rock solid beat, and a wit dryer than a California desert.